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The feeling of wanting to wear it daily

【Made In Japan】

——— CONCEPT ———

harmonieとはフランス語で「 音・色・型などの調和 」という意味です。

着心地・縫製・商品を大切にし、Japanese tradition=日本の伝統が守られた場所で生産され、細やかな心遣い・仕事の丁寧さ・日本人独自の正確さを表現できる国内縫製工場と取り組んだ高品質な MADE IN JAPAN ブランドです。




harmonie means "the harmony of sound, color and type" in French.
Instead of a more modern idea of pursuing the shifting trends of fashion, we focus more on Japanese tradition which means to honor these traditions by putting an importance on comfort,the quality of sewing, and the products themselves.
It is produced in a place where care for the product, politeness at the workplace and the accuracy of the original idea all come together.
This is the high-quality MADE IN JAPAN brand that all domestic garment factories can proudly share with the rest of the world.
Focusing on classic materials, we would like Japanese women to be able to keep their beautiful forms.
Because of this, we will continue to create the basic age less items that can go with any style.
The soft, warm material makes it perfect for those who wear it, giving them a gentle touch and comfort that will not change forever.
Everytime you wear harmonie, you can feel the worth of a Japanese-made product.
We are aiming for this to become a ”staple brand".