ciel d'ete

ー 青空のように気持ちも晴れやかに ー

Like a clear blue sky, our feelings are also bright.

【Made In Japan】

——— CONCEPT ———

フランス語でciel d'eteは「夏空」という意味です。


ciel d'eteの服を着ると、明るい気持ちになり着心地も良く、体も気持ちもリラックスできるボーダーアイテムを提案していきます。

In French, ciel d'eté means "summer sky".
We have a proposal in mind for some border items that look as good as a refreshing blue sky.
Wearing the clothes of ciel d'ete, will make you feel cheerful.
This is a border item that is comfortable to wear and can put your body and mind at ease.
We will continue to work with this concept.